quarta-feira, abril 09, 2008

Michael: Ellen broke up with me.
Christine: What? Why?
Michael: She thinks she's gonna die this week.
Christine: No. Out of everyone at Saint Tod, she is the least likely person to die.
Michael: Well, she's usually right. She's been right about everyone else. I lived a whole life with a woman I didn't even really like. We traveled all over the world together. And Ellen and I never even left the grounds.
Christine: Well, actually I took you to the IMAX that one time.
Michael: Yeah, but I wanted to take her to the Mayan ruins in Guatemala. She really wanted to see those.
Christine: Yeah, that just seems weird that she wouldn't want to be with you, you know, if her time was coming.
Michael: I've long since stopped trying to make people - do things they don't want to do.
Christine: But she's the love of your life. You're just gonna let her go?
Michael: No. She's just… going.

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